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About the fund

The Danish Green Investment Fund is an independent state loan fund with the purpose of co-financing economically viable projects that facilitate and support the sustainable development of our society. The projects must be within environmental savings, renewable energy sources or resource efficiency.

The fund was established as part of the agreement “Et Grønnere Danmark” (“A Greener Denmark”) from 2014 with a state guaranteed lending limit of up to DKK 2 billion in capital to co-finance green projects. This amount has sinced been raised in the agreement of "Danmarks Grønne Fremtidsfond" to DKK 8 billion.

Financing from The Danish Green Investment Fund

Privately held companies, non-profit housing associations and public sector companies and institutions (with budgets separate from the municipalities, regions and the state) can apply for a loan from the fund.

The Danish Green Investment Fund seeks to bridge the gap between traditional bank financing and equity capital. 

Energy and supply, food and agriculture, buildings and infrastructure, materials and resources or transport and mobility
Green effect, healthy economy, scalability and socio economic return
Energy- and utility companies, suppliers of technological solutions and consultants
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